The past is an expereince where errors is the experience.


Visualizing what the past could not see and render it as a reality.


Taking control of your own life starts by freeing your environment and creating esthetic armony.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience. Being visionaire just in time.

Skills Include

Customer Service, Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, Project Management Social Media Marketing, Inovative Development, 
Graphic Design, industrial design...

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About index i.d. inc.

Created in 1971, active in sales and industrial design up to 1996 INDEX I.D. Inc. is a dormant unlimited Federal charter company operating from Laval, Quebec. As the owner  looking in to reviving the activities of the company I targeted alternative energies applied to every day life to be ideal for that purpose.

To research and build a market enabling the use of solar wind and termale energy in housing and

electric vehicules now being  the most rapid growing trend market.

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